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We build what we need without evaluating it in time or money. It takes as long as it takes for the best material in the best quality is processed.
Mothers and children know an answer to everything. The wisdom of children is used not at all.
The nature is a self-regulating system. If we do not disturb this natural cycle all in perfect harmony.
Money controls the education and training system!
We go through school 12 years and learn at all not how things really work.
We live in an invisible matrix in a prison for the spirit.
Michel Tellkamp's childhood:
His parents worked for the gold / silver / Platinum mines in South Africa. Who worked the mines, recalls Michael Tellinger, had everything free
  • free Housing
  • free Food
  • Weekend events
He was always wondering that all had to be paid in Johannesburg.
"How does not work you with us in the mines, then everything is free?"

Ubuntu is no exclusive community.

You must not buy!
We must go to the root and uncover the causes.
Brands - corporations - careers - jobs = we are all slaves of money.
Bänksters are the owners of the companies.
Banks will accept payment in the form of bills of Exchange and promissory notes.
Michael Tellinger has done it yourself. He issued the notes themselves — caution a formality must be observed.
Notes stamped can be from the legal department - acceptance is the payment.
Competition is a burden for the society, because everyone wants to have the biggest piece of the pie for themselves.
Cells and organs do not occur even in competition and fighting each other.

Cooperation gives the whole quality!

Michael Tellinger: "We don't want to fight, we want to create abundance

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